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Asked Questions

Does microblading hurt?

Everyones pain threshold is completely different, I can only explain that the sensation is the same as threading. Majority of clients expect the procedure to feel a lot worse. With clients consent we will apply topical aesthetic to numb the area which will avoid any discomfort.

How often do you have top ups?

We advise you to come back between 8-12 Months, depending on your skin type. This will boost the colour, and get the sharp shape back!

Can i choose my own brow colour?

Of course… Etch has a range of different pigments, from blonde tones, to very deep dark tones such as ebony brown. We will have a consultation to figure out your desired look, and make the colour match perfect!

What is microblading?

Microblading is a form of semi permanent makeup, its about creating a totally bespoke look for each individual client

The process is very precise, we use a measuring tool to make sure they fit the clients face,Everyones maping will appear different due to face shape.

Once finished and happy with the shape, we then go onto the microblading

This is done with a hand tool, with a very fine pin on the end, with between 8-12 needles. This then gets dipped into pigment and into the epidermis layer of the skin, this creates hair like strokes giving the most natural finish.

What is Combination Brow?

Combination brow is an add on to microblading, the base will still be micro bladed but we will then add shading into the brow, this is done with a machine. It makes the brows a lot more bold with an ombre effect or if you prefer a fuller brow we can powder the whole way through the brow. This will also last longer than microblading.

How long does microblading last?

This will depend on the client but roughly 18+ months.